About Us

Hi my name is Suzanne.

I have taken over from the lovely Sharon, who started this business from the Coromandel.

I have always enjoyed creating special gifts for loved ones and friends. One of the things I enjoy the most is creating something unique, taking pride in the presentation and making sure it had a wow factor. I really enjoy the feeling of making my friends and family feel special making all the effort worthwhile.
I will continue with what Sharon started and use the beautiful products from the Coromandel and also support local small businesses here in Auckland, where there are some people that handcraft a wide variety of quality products.

I am looking forward to continuing what Sharon started and feel  privileged to showcase some of the quality products we have to offer. These are all conveniently packaged in a thoughtful and sustainable way making it easy to spoil yourself or give a unique and beautiful gift to someone special.

Buying our gift boxes not only supports me and my family but also supports small local business throughout the Coromandel and Auckland, so remember a good gift is a GOOD BOX.